Daniel Schoels,

    As paint fashion makers, we offer a tailored service on the need.

    Based on your wishes, our team of experts will develop one or more custom paint formulas.

    These formulas are then archived to allow to be reproduced later on, in perfect harmony with the original models.

    You are therefore assured of the exclusivity of your formula, which guarantees the originality of the product and discourage counterfeiting. It is also impossible to imitate our paintings, unless they spend, like us, many years of research. You are sure to always a step ahead of your competitors.

    Do you want to get a limited version of your product in small quantities ? Our site is equipped with a paint booth for ultra-modern high gloss varnish applications. It can treat the first pre production prototypes as well as from one to 10,000 copies. As you can see, we can adapt to all your needs.

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